White Out

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I probably post a similar post as we move towards Summer but there is truly nothing like a brand new white piece that multitasks as well in your Summer wardrobe. A new white shirt worn casually with jeans or a white dress or sandals adds to any woman whatever their coloring or body shape. One thing is it’s probably a good idea to buy good quality for that crisp look that seems to work in the better fabrics and cuts. Wear White out, or for that matter in and have a sunny white summer.

White Out

White Out by nickyh59 featuring a long slip

Salad Days

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Salad Days

Salad Days by nickysragtales featuring red flats

Cool Coachella

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Coachella festival fashion
This past weekend saw the coolest festival of them all, Coachella, take place in the inhospitable Californian desert.
The line-up was excellent, of course, but it was surprisingly similar to an Electric Picnic schedule, for example Outkast, Pet Shop Boys and Beck are headliners at both festivals this year.
So what is it about Coachella that makes it so achingly cool compared to other music festivals?
To my mind, what makes this event so different is a very simple equation:
Sunshine + Proximity to L.A. = Celebrity Fashion.
That’s what we want to see! One of the Kardashians in a floor length black lace coat (this year: Kendall). Selena Gomez in a see-through crochet dress that would look more at home in your granny’s good sitting room (as curtains or doilies, as required).
As far as I can tell a good percentage of the attendees (ahem Poppy Delevingne) just wore bikinis, and there are no pools of any kind on site… Confusing.
Electric Picnic simply can’t compete with that level of fabulousness. Cara Delevingne might be know for her effortless street style and long legs but even her royal hotness wouldn’t brave lashing rain in a pair of hotpants. Thanks anyway Stradbally!
Apart from the fascinating fashion decisions on display there were some genuinely sensible items being sported. One in particular is something I’ll certainly be adopting for the festival season; the tiny cross-body handbag. On the surface sure, it seems ridiculous. That bag can’t hold her sunblock, purse, first aid kit, glow sticks etc. But just think of the advantages. You don’t have to carry all that junk- someone else will! Think how much easier it will be to dance. Plus maybe you won’t lose your phone (for once!)
As such my new favourite accessories are handmade leather bags by UK brand Zatchels. They are so beautiful and classic that they will go with everything, even your trusty wellies. And you can wear them long, long after you’ve hung up your ill-advised hotpants.


Introducing Eleanor Milman, artist and illustrator

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I asked my extraordinarily talented artist niece to explain where she draws her inspiration from:

I have been infatuated with drawing for most of my life and over the years, have gained experience in many different artistic media on a vast range of projects. As a result, I have developed a distinct style that is cynical, fanciful, surreal, and airing on the edge of comic. In the last few months, I have focused on illustrations and cartooning while completing my BA at McGill University in Montreal, QC. Currently, I illustrate for two of McGill’s newspapers and magazines. The topics of articles that I illustrate are varied, having ranged from neuroscience to cannibalism. In addition, I have shown my work at several local art exhibitions, for one of which I was invited to design the logo.I have had a great deal of success with this work, and have learned in the process to be efficient and productive in taking the germ of an idea and developing it into an original composition that makes a statement. Most of my other pieces, though, are merely visual representations of whatever happens to be going on in my head at a given moment. In the future, I intend on focusing more on scientific illustration that is anatomically accurate, visually aesthetic, and informative.

ellie 1 ellie 2 ellie 3-001 fat_guy-001 jelly_hand pinata

5insanity_Eleanor can be contacted by emailing eleanor.milman@gmail.com

Eleanor’s portfolio can be seen here




















Tonal sandals, a Summer staple

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We have been wearing tonal courts now all year round and paired with Falke skin tones tights they have proven to be the most elegent to the eye, especially for women who wish to give a taller image. It doesn’t take much to realise that we can now easily do the same for our summer look. There are numerous tonal sandals in every collection and at every price. A small block heal is comfortable. Most come with ankle straps so if you are ankly challenged then make sure to leave the strap loose rather than neat. The tonal shades will ensure a lengthened asthetic and if you need to you can wear Falke’s ‘makeup for legs‘ Shelina tights or stay ups with sandal toes for perfect leg skin colouring. Falke tights are available in Brown Thomas nationwide, McELhinney Ballybofey, Arnotts and Clery’s in Dublin along with independent boutiques across Ireland.

tonal sandals
tonal sandals by nickyh59 featuring leather shoes

Lila Calypso Dresses

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Lila CalypsoLila Calypso are a brand new Irish dress label and an all Irish company and we love it…put Lila Calypso on the one to watch list and check out the website for Irish stockists who are keeping quiet about this great find. Dresses are in super easy and flattering styles, exclusive prints and look fab for any occasion. Irish women love love love dresses and rightly so and Irish Boutiques are looking for new labels to bring to their customers. Dresses are a one garment wardrobe change and shape shifter that makes the bigggest impact. I love a dress that can take you anywhere from girly lunch to best friends wedding or the ever popular races. This label is one that only needs more styles to take it from early days to a large brand label…watch this space!





Lila CalypsoCheck out Lila Calypso on Facebook to see what’s coming next….

Happy Rainy Days in Ireland? Keeping dry

Hurrah it’s finally Spring! Or it was… at least it seemed like Spring there for a few days? Either way it’s raining again and we are sitting in the office freezing in our skimpy cardigans (never take off the jumper until May, that’s my new motto).
One thing I really enjoyed this past weekend was being back outdoors, jogging and cycling. And judging by the crowds of people out walking in Howth yesterday afternoon everyone else is ready to get back outdoors into the fresh air too, regardless of the showers.
So having gotten completely soaked through this weekend on two separate occasions (and now having the head cold to show for it) one thing I really need is a lightweight and genuinely waterproof raincoat. I love the combination of classic shapes and bright colours available from Happy Rainy Days, and since there’s no chance of it not raining I’m sure I will get PLENTY of wear out of it!
Happy Rainy Days coats are now available to buy in season…perfect for whenever Spring decides to up and vanish for another while!

Beach Walk

Beach Walk by hollyhinchy featuring genuine leather handbags
Woods Walk

Woods Walk by hollyhinchy featuring leather booties
Happy Rainy Days Jacket

Happy Rainy Days Jacket by hollyhinchy featuring a bubble umbrella

Israel Fashion Week, GINDI in TelAviv

Nicky Harris,

I hadn’t been to Israel for several years, last time all I remember was hummous, falafel and clothes that were predictably Middle Eastern. Fast forward to 2014 and a huge leap into a cosmopolitan feast of sumptuous food and an eclectic spread of fashion that has an international following. The fashion venue and tent for Israel Fashion Week was host to several shows over three packed days and nights.
My continual obsession with notions of sipping cocktails from a patio by a pool while watching a sunset somewhere, anywhere are still prime movers in my fashion fantasy world. Label Alembika fullfills that dream perfectly. Alembika was founded in 2005 by two women, fashion designer Hagar Alembik,a graduate of the Shenkar School of Design, and Judith Fadlon PhD, an anthropologist. Alembika offers a collection suited to women of all ages, specializing in the middle andlarge size range, to which Alembika’s layered look is especially flattering.

Alembika from Nicky Harris on Vimeo.

Brand Ambassador Patricia Roe sings for Eurosong

Diva dresses, which are my favorite all time label. This is because they come in so many styles and in so many colours, always something new and always fabulously flattering. Patricia Roe, singer songwriter and friend is getting plenty of wear out of hers as she goes forward to Eurosong in Ireland with a dam good chance of making it to Denmark. Please do vote for her on the 28th February if you are in Ireland and if you aren’t please keep your fingers crossed!

PS. Spot the Irish Legend King of Football !





Beat the January blues Ragtales style

Nicky Harris, January 17, 2014


Ten ways to beat the January Blues
In case you hadn’t noticed it is STILL January. It must be about 18 working weeks and 12 moons long because it has already been January forever and yet the calendar tells me the month is magically only halfway through. Combining as it does lack of fun, lack of light, and lack of money January has long since been regarded as the most boring month of the year. Even if there was anything happening you wouldn’t be able to afford it!
There’s only one thing for it then, to make your own fun! I’ve complied a list of ’10 Things To Do’ to help beat the January blues (you’re welcome).
Disclaimer: I’ve tried to limit the number of food related options (the last thing I need is more comfort eating) but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.
1. Take a happy dog for a walk, either yours or one you’ve borrowed and don’t forget the tennis ball! Look how enthusiastic that dog is about that tennis ball. You could learn a thing or two from that wise, wise animal.
2. Bite the bullet do that one household task you’ve been putting off for months and months, whether its cleaning under the stairs or defrosting the freezer, you’ll feel so ridiculously accomplished once it’s done.
3. It’s the perfect time to watch that tv show everyone has been recommending to you for years! Whether its Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Wire… everyone is too broke to do anything anyway so you won’t be missing out on any craic by staying home a little more.
4. If you know even the very basics of knitting you can knit yourself a cosy new snood (psst: it’s just a wide scarf with the ends sewn together). Using chunky wool and needles it will only take a few evenings in front of number 3 and will make your couch potato ways feel more productive!
5. Make a surprise cake for a friend. I recommend chocolate, coffee, carrot, banana, cheese, lemon, sponge…all of them basically.
6. Send a letter (and maybe some Barry’s tea and taytos?) to a friend living abroad, they may be feeling extra homesick after the high of Christmas.
7. Babysit for nieces, newphews, godchildren, anyone’s children, it’s a good deed and will hopefully lead to lego. Lego is downright cathartic.
8. Try and speak a different language to a friend for at least 15 minutes, try not to burst into laughter when you both forget the Irish word for ‘go’. (Don’t worry it’s only 13 years of schooling down the drain).
9.Next Mondaymorning bring your workmates a lovely coffee each just the way they like it- now that’s a happy way to start the week.
10. Finally if all else fails, pretend it isn’t January. Daydream yourself the best summer holiday anyone has ever had, research and plan it. Whether you end up actually going or not you still got to spend one dreary January afternoon in Tangiers…

Here’s to February… is it spring yet??

Beat the January Blues

Beat the January Blues by hollyhinchy featuring yellow home accessories

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