Lace Grows up for Summer

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Lace goes up a notch



TopShop cobalt blue dress




There’s nothing new about Lace, we’ve seen it all before, or have we? This season it’s more grown up, more antique rather than stretch, more all over rather than statement piece. Worn sheer if you dare but definitely not trashy. There’s lots about in all prices and plenty in the vintage shops too, so go out and wrap yourself in lace this season.














A Handbag?

The Importance of Being Ernest 1952 Oscar Wilde

Jack I don’t actually know who I am by birth. I was…well, I was found

Lady Bracknell Found?

Jack Yes. The late Mr Thomas Cardew, an old gentleman of a kindly disposition found me and gave me the name of Worthing because he happened to have a first class ticket to Worthing at the time. Worthing is a place in Sussex. It’s a seaside resort.

Lady Bracknell And where did this charitable gentleman with the first class ticket to the seaside resort find you?

Jack In a handbag.

Lady Bracknell [closes eyes briefly] A handbag?

Jack Yes Lady Bracknell, I was in a handbag. A somewhat large…black…leather handbag with it. [pause]

Lady Bracknell An ordinary handbag.

Lady Bracknell And where did this Mr James….or, Thomas Cardew come across this ordinary handbag?

Jack The cloak room at Victoria Station. It was given to him in mistake for his own…

Lady Bracknell [ shocked] The cloak room at Victoria Station?

Jack Yes. The Brighton Line

Lady Bracknell The line is immaterial. [begins tearing up notes]

Lady Bracknell Mr. Worthing. I must confess that I feel somewhat bewildered by what you have just told me. To be born, or at any rate bred in a handbag, whether it have handles or not, seems to me to display a contempt for the ordinary decencies of family life which reminds one of the worst excesses of the French revolution, and I presume you know what that unfortunate movement led to?….


You may wonder why I am reminded of those great lines in that wonderful play ‘ The Importance of Being Ernest’ by Oscar Wilde. I just couldn’t help re-reading them in my best Edith Sitwell voice to add the necessary comedic gravitas. The reason is the upcoming Auction at Christies in London of one of Margaret Thatcher’s Aspinal handbags. It may be remembered that she was famous for carrying and using to best powerful effect a smart handbag which she either carried slightly to the front of her like a shield or perhaps a weapon? or tucked under the crook of her arm. The term handbagging was coined {by a man of course} to describe the formidable weapon her cohorts and back benchers felt about Mrs Thatcher’s strategic and clever use of her bag which was pointedly placed upon the cabinet table to announce who was boss.

Has the role of the Handbag changed?, I don’t think so. It can still act as a shield or weapon, it can still be used as a power symbol and it carries a myriad of essentials. I don’t believe I have ever hit anyone with mine but I certainly would if I thought it necessary. I know that the carrying of a ‘good bag’ , one that with care will last a lifetime is one of the essentials of every woman’s wardrobe.

This Handbag to be Auctioned for Charity at Christies on June 27th is expected to make 100,000!


Aspinal of London make a quintessential ‘good handbag’ and any one of these would be wonderful to have in my wardrobe, ‘To Have and to Hold’ comes to mind and these are my choice from their current collection of Classic styles.


It's in the Bag

It’s in the Bag by nickysragtales featuring zip bags

Mad Hatters

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I just have to have my say about Hats, Fascinators and whatever you put on your heads to either finish an outfit or make a statement. With the Royal Wedding behind us and Irish man, Milliner extraordinaire Philip Treacy adorning a whopping 36 heads for the famous wedding (and getting a lot of stick for the sisters) it’s time to get real. Head wear can be used in two ways, to either complete an outfit or to make a statement. If it is to complete an outfit then the overall picture must not make it stand out or clash with the clothing. If it is to be a statement then the clothing needs to be simple and the head adornment, dramatic.

The problem seems to be that it is very difficult to get the balance right. Irish Designer Heidi Higgins got it right last year with a simple yet elegant outfit and matching hat.



No doubt the winner this year at Punchestown will get it right too but judging from what I saw yesterday I think we have a long way to go. There was a woman who had taken a bunch of flowers and a stem of a swiss cheese plant and stuck it on her head. There were women who had monstrous fascinators which were completely out of balance and there were hats that didn’t suit faces or colouring.

I don’t usually see a lot of mistakes but boy they were out in force yesterday. Ill fitting outfits in dreadful colours with awful accessories. I know there were lots that looked good and I know these are tough times but hey, if the cap don’t fit then leave it at home.

A real Hareraiser

Tony Rizzo

Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital is a world renowned Children’s Hospital and close to my heart as a friends little girl is heading there from Ireland shortly for a very difficult and important operation. A world centre of excellence that takes care of lots of Irish children each year and very worthy of our support.

A brilliant appeal is underway as we speak and it’s one that is a Hare’s breath away from brilliance. With famous names lending a hand from the world of Hairdressing and Celebrity they have just launched a terrific online Art Auction with a difference. The theme is the Hare and each of the original works can be bid for in the online auction at Some of the contributors are Tracy Emin, NIcky Clarke, Geri Halliwell and lots more. Here are a few that I picked out but there are lots more to choose from.

Justine Picardi

Geri Halliwell

Harry Triggs

Helena Bonham Carter

James Dreyfus

Korky Paul

Sir Alex Ferguson

Ric Sanders

Nicky Clarke-Vanity Hare

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