Levis pulls an ad following riots in the UK

Tags: , , , — Nicky Harris, August 10, 2011

My lack of regular blogging is due entirely to the business of fashion. I am smack in the midst of the “season” and madly selling in Fashion City at the moment. The short window of opportunity taking forward orders for next Spring and also selling the amazing Diva dresses equals total wipe out at the end of the day. All good news for business and the current “take it while you can” business model have me very focused at the moment.

One distraction that has had me glued to the telly and listening to BBC Radio 5 Live for updates is the awful rioting and looting that is going on in the UK. One horrific video that has swept the media is that of an unfortunate Malaysian student who is in the UK on a college scholarship. From a good Muslim family he was traveling on his bicycle when he was assaulted and had his bike stolen. Whilst huddled in a pool of blood on the pavement he was then “helped” up and during this encounter with more yobs(who were pretending to help him )had his backpack rifled and his wallet and phone stolen. It is all there for all to see and was taped by people from a flat opposite who were too frightenedto venture onto the street. I am incensed by this disgusting behavior and frankly have no time to those who talk of “disaffected” youth who are also “victims” of society. Where is personal responsibility in all of this, where is good parenting and education and old-fashioned morals? I can’t help going on a rant here because I find this so very upsetting.

Levis have just pulled this video from the UK and watching it I can see why though it is really of little consequence now.