Online Shopping, the pro’s and cons

Tags: , , — Nicky Harris, April 18, 2012

With everything available to buy online now it’s a virtual shopping mall every time I turn on my computer but what is the reality and who benefits from shopping on- line. As with every purchase the old ‘caveat emptor’ (let the buyer beware) is the old but trusted motto. It’s easy and a pretty safe bet to buy a book or your favorite cosmetics especially if you can get them cheaper and even better if you know exactly what you want. It’s more problematic buying clothing and yet we are bombarded with web clothes stores. They are really great for perusing the latest trends and seeking out new ideas and new ones pop up every day, then there are the already well know sites such as ASOS and Net-A- Porter. These retailers have increasingly good imagery with great descriptions and often really good after sales service but have you ever considered how much clothes actually get returned? Word from industry insiders is that it’s anything from 40-60%. That’s a lot of garments going back and forth. How many of these garments have actually been worn and then returned? Have you ever considered how many times that dress or T-shirt has been tried on, possibly worn and then arrived at your door? It’s not something I had seriously thought about until a few of my friends told me of garments that they bought that they were sure had been pre-worn or smelt of someones perfume. Sorry if I’m a tad old-fashioned but I still think there is nothing like going to a Boutique or store and trying on clothes and going home satisfied that you have made a purchase that you are happy with. That is why good Independent Boutiques offering personal service and good value are definitely here to stay.


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