Something for the Beach

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Apologies for not being here for a while, life is a little hectic as the showroom gears up for another season and I visit companies around the world previewing the collections. You would think that I could pack light after all the travel I do but sadly this is one skill that I admire in others but have not been able to manage yet myself. I am off to London to the Falke preview this week where I will be looking at Spring Summer 2014!

Meanwhile I read somewhere that we are in for a great July weather wise which would be very welcome. I absolutely love beach wear and while I was browsing today came across these babies. Called SunSandals I thought, what a great idea. They are reasonably priced and would certainly add to any cool beach look,oh and they hardly take up any space in a bag which for me is a great plus.

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Lets Get Shirty

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Lets Get Shirty

Lets Get Shirty by nickysragtales featuring long sleeve dresses


I love hardy Perennials both in the plant and the fashion word and Shirt Dresses are a perfect example. The great Summer casual dress that is easy, comes in all price ranges and styles. It’s probably worth buying a good one and in a neutral colour because if you choose your shirt dress correctly you will get wear after wear. Dress down with flat shoes and a slouch bag or dress up with accessories and heels for a look to take you on to an evening event. The weather is due to hot up (fingers crossed) so I’m getting my Shirt Dresses out of mothballs now! [well, not really moth balls because they smell like an elderly aunt circa 1960!]

It’s so cold so, what to wear?

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It's still cold

It’s still cold by nickysragtales featuring a pencil skirt



It’s the middle of May and it’s freezing. Well actually I am freezing. At a dinner party last Saturday three of the women were wearing tights and black dresses. The trick is to dress like Spring but feel warm at the same time. No one feels like wearing flowery little dresses and bare legs only to shiver your way through the day and obsess about goose bumps. Only the very young can dress in skimpy clothing at this time of year. We Irish seem to think if we see blue skies then it must be warm right? No, actually blue skies do not always equal temperatures that mean we can strip off. At this time of year enter the humble but oft misunderstood cardi. A firm favorite of mine ( I have quite a collection). They do keep you warm so it’s worth investing in ordinary but good quality ones that will do a good job at keeping you warm and smart at the same time. Don’t forget skin coloured fine hosiery if you don’t feel like going bare-legged. Falke Shelina do a great job and sell a toeless version so you can still get your toes out!

Kitten Heels

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Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels by nickysragtales


It’s official. Kitten Heels are most definitely back and that’s good news for all of us who need something more than a flat shoe and who needs to be comfortable for more than 15 minutes. Perfect for those days at the races which not only last a full day but necessitate trotting over dodgy ground. I love them but let me know if you agree with me.

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Orange is the New Pink

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What do Muccia Prada and Jill Sander have in common? At first glance it would appear nothing though both showed the colour orange in their Summer Catwalk presentations. I can easily understand the Prada connection. After all the Italians love the colour and wear it with pure abandon at every possible opportunity. Jill Sander on the other hand is the queen of minimalistic cool so time to take note. Orange is one of those somewhat loud colours which shouts ‘fun’ unlike pink which is a bit girly. If you are fed up with pink and want to make a statement consider orange. It’s strong and fun and there are lots of options in all price points though pair it with neutral accessories for perfect style appeal.

Orange is the New Pink

Orange is the New Pink by nickysragtales featuring wedge heels

Ruby & Ed dress for Summer

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Ruby&Ed do Summer too

Ruby&Ed do Summer too by nickysragtales featuring pumps

When I was at Pure in February one of the busiest stands was Ruby & Ed who make the most gorgeous range of Slippers and all things cozy for Women, Men and Children. Think the most luxurious fabrics in gorgeous colours cocooning your cold feet on a Winters night and you’re nearly there. But what’s on the menu for Summer? I hadn’t thought too much about them but had left my card with them having enthused and complimented the range on offer so imagine my surprise when a box arrived to the showroom the other day only to find in it a great pair of canvas runners perfect for Summer. A terrific fawn retro colour and they look just perfect on. Looking at their website they do have the most lovely gifts which include the lovely hairbands that would look perfect teamed with a light cotton dress. The website is easy to navigate and well worth a look especially if you are buying a gift for any woman who likes a little bit of that country and comfort Ruby & Ed do so well.

Sun Screen

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Sun Screen

Sun Screen by nickysragtales on

There’s a hint of Summer in the air and ever the optimist I’m predicting a hot one. Even if I’m wrong many of us will be heading to the Sun or live in climates hotter than here. One thing is for sure in the last few years those of us who aren’t aware of the dangers of the sun’s rays are few and many of us are all too aware of the dangers of UVA rays which easily penetrate clothing, don’t burn, but do contribute to skin cancers. I really like this company Mott50 who have recently produced a really wearable range of clothing which can be bought online . All the clothes have a Sun protection factor 50 built into the fabric. I love the dresses and the 70’s style floppy hat. All I need now is a ticket and some sunglasses and I’ll be good to go.

How to Wear Pleated Skirts

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Wearing Pleats

Wearing Pleats by nickysragtales featuring a white tee


Pleated Skirts are a strong trend for Summer but how to wear them? and more importantly can you wear them? Just a few rules and you should be able to wear a lovely skirt, a refreshing change from skinny pants and floaty dresses. Just a few rules to bear in mind. Mix them with bright colours, nothing bulky or floaty on top. A simple T-shirt or slim blouse or fine knit. You can toughen the look if you wish with a leather jacket. Don’t do the granny look by wearing courts. Wedges or chunky heels look great and a skinny bright belt to complete the look. There, easy peasy!